Analysis of Data and Conclusion:

Results SectionPresent a description (and not an explanation for) the results of your statistical procedure or qualitative studyDiscussion Section
Discuss what the results mean in plain languageState whether the results support your original hypothesisInterpret the results: Why were they–or were they not–significant?State the implications of these results. What could these results mean in a larger context?Tie conclusions back to the literatureConclusion Section
Acknowledge the limitations of your study. What didn’t work? What mistakes did you make? What would you have done differently if you had more resources or greater knowledge?Make recommendations for future research on this topicIn-text citations and a references page formatted using an appropriate academic style


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Analysis of Data and Conclusion:
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Project Proposal
My question that I am bring to the table is Does weed have a better effect than coffee on
college students and education
My hypothesis is that weed have a better impacted on college students than coffee. I believe
this because weed helps level your body and open up your mind, but coffee is more of a
caffeine that give you energy for a short moment than you crash.
The goal of the project is to test the effects of weed and coffee to see which have a positive effect
on college student in their classes. Weed is commonly used by college students in the united
states. As society started changed. A test was performed on high school students to see the
impacted of weed on students was it was a decrease in g.p.a. (The academic consequences of
marijuana). I believe overall weed have a better impact on people than coffee. Coffee has been
consumed by 90% of Americans each and everyday Coffee also have a well-known drug inside it
called caffeine. Caffeine is a has a profound effect on brain chemistry that makes it effective and
addictive. (The Pros and Cons of Drinking Caffeine). This why I believe that my reach is going
to be right because weed does not have an addictive effect on people.
4 scholarly sources
1) Arria, Amelia M, et al. “The Academic Consequences of Marijuana Use during College.” Psychology of
Addictive Behaviors : Journal of the Society of Psychologists in Addictive Behaviors, U.S. National
Library of Medicine, Sept. 2015,
2) “The Pros and Cons of Drinking Caffeine as a College Student.” Go to Independence
3) Hickey, Luke, et al. “Studying High: The Pros And Cons Of Smoking Weed While
Studying.” Junkee, 28 Feb. 2019,
Method and describes
The type of empirical data will be gathered by creating a survey where we will ask variety of
questions that connecting education and the consumption of weed or coffee to over 50
tentative plan
My tentative
plan is to walk around Montclair state University handing out surveys to 50
people at random asking questions that will help me create a chart and help me find the
comparison that I need to help me find the result to see if my Hypothesis is right.
Relationship between Marijuana Use and Academic Performance
Relationship between Marijuana Use and Academic Performance
The use of stimulants like coffee and marijuana is common among college students in the
United States. A research study carried out by Pearson et al. (2018) demonstrated that one in
every four American had used at least one type of stimulant while in college or the university.
These stimulants are used for various reasons, including; recreational purposes, medicinal value,
stress reliever, or as an academic enhancer. The high prevalence uses of stimulants in the United
States have been associated with the legislative actions to eliminate or relax legal penalties of
either use or possession of these substances, especially marijuana. Numerous debates have been
centered on the impact of stimulants on the health and academic performance of students.
Research question
The research question for this study explores whether marijuana has a better effect than
coffee on the academic performance of students. Numerous studies have been conducted on this
topic, and different academic scholars have continuously come up with divergent opinions on the
subject matter. Some academic scholars have argued that the use of marijuana has more negative
effects on the academic performance of students. These scholars have argued that students who
use marijuana are more likely to skip classes or less likely to complete their homework, thus
recording low grades in their test results. However, other scholars have also argued that
marijuana increases the academic performance of students more than coffee. These scholars have
argued that marijuana, unlike coffee, is a more potent stimulant that increases the concentration
levels of students while performing academic tasks, thus improving their overall academic
Literature review
So-far explored literature on the impact of coffee and marijuana has been carried out by
Miguel, Tiffany, and Christopher. In their research study conducted on high school senior
students, the researchers demonstrated that alcohol and cigarette use often precede marijuana
use, which in turn precedes hard drug use like cocaine and heroin (Miguel, Tiffany, and
Christopher (2003). That is, cigarette and alcohol use are the primary gateways for substance
abuse among students. Miguel, Tiffany, and Christopher (2003) also demonstrated a relationship
between marijuana use with school popularity, academic performance, and depression. The
research study found out that students with low academic performance and high self-rating of
popularity and depression were more likely to use marijuana. The study also demonstrated that
marijuana abuse was associated with problems at school, truancy, psychological distress,
depression, and delinquency (Miguel, Tiffany, and Christopher, 2003). The present research
study will provide an extension to this literature by exploring how increased concentration
resulting from marijuana use may positively affect the academic performance of students.
Besides, the current research study will also explore how marijuana use among students reduces
anxiety during exam periods, thus improving students’ grades.
Another research study on the subject matter has been carried out by Katlyn Elizabeth
(2016), to determine the relationship between academic procrastination and stimulating
substance (coffee, prescribed drugs, and energy drink) use among students. The research
demonstrated that the most popular stimulating substance among undergraduate students is
caffeinated beverages like coffee. Students believed that they felt mentally and physically
energetic after consumption of beverages like coffee. These products were used by students to
stay energetic, alert, and awake trough out the day or part of the night. The research by Katlyn
Elizabeth (2016) also found out that the level of academic procrastination was higher among
students who use caffeinated beverages like coffee. Besides, the research indicated that the use of
stimulants among students directly increased with age, and male students were more likely to use
stimulants than females. The present research study will provide an extension to the existing
literature by exploring the relationship between academic procrastination and marijuana use. As
you can see there is a lot of confusion with my survey it can bring life to the truth.
Katlyn Elizabeth. (2006). Academic Procrastination And Stimulating Substance Use Among
Undergraduates. https://file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/20200331213237academic_pro
Miguel A. Diego, Tiffany M. Field, and Christopher E. Sanders. (2003). Academic Performance,
Popularity, And Depression Predict Adolescent Substance
Abuse. https://file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/20200331215927academic_performance_
Pearson, M. R., Hustad, J. T., Neighbors, C., Conner, B. T., Bravo, A. J., & Marijuana Outcomes
Study Team. (2018). Personality, marijuana norms, and marijuana outcomes among
college students. Addictive behaviors, 76, 291-297.
Michael Isiofia
February 28, 2020
SOCI400 Senior Project
Research Question:
My question that I am bring to the table is Does Marijuana have a better affect than
coffee on college student’s academic performance. My Independent variable for my
research is marijuana and coffee and my dependent variable is academic performance. A
way to find if my state is testable, I created a 10-question survey that I will be giving out
at random to Montclair state students that will help me get my data information. The way
that I will get subjects to participate in my survey I Will at random walk up to 50 people
at Montclair state and ask to take my survey. My survey will consist of these following
questions in the link below.
Survey Link : (Links to an external
analyze the data
The way I plan on analyze my data is by creating an online poll. Witch the results from
the poll. I can break down the information and create carts that show the before and after
results from the use of coffee and Marijuana during academic performance. The result
from this experiment can help back up my hypotheses that marijuana have a better
impacted on college student’s academic performance than coffee. I believe this because
marijuana helps level your body and open up your mind, but coffee is more of a caffeine
that give you energy for a short moment than you crash. With the results from my study
I can prove my hypotheses is correct.

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